When Rufus and Bee tried to write a Christmas Letter


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Rufus, typing with two fingers: “It’s the time of year when Bee and I like to think of our friends and family around the world.  We wish you all aHappy Christmas and hope to see Vancouver friends at the midnight mass at the cathedral…”

No, Rufus, you can’t write that – we’re playing bridge that night, remember?

Really, Bee, I thought we’d agreed to stay home – to stuff Derek’s stocking, and then pop over to the cathedral when he’s asleep?

No, no. we’re both wrong. I remember now – we’re doing our Christmas shopping in town, catching the ferry to North Van, decorating Muriel’s tree before she gets home and THEN doing Derek’s stocking. You could write “We wish you all a Happy Christmas and hope you’ll all be as busy as we’ll be with our Vancouver friends.”

I don’t have time for friends over  Christmas, Bee. I think I’ll pop into the office on Boxing Day – there’ll be nobody around so I can get things done. Maybe we should leave that bit out about Vancouver friends.

Next sentence, Rufus – write: “May you all enjoy the peace of the season among friends by the fireside.”

What do you mean, Bee? there’s no time for that – I need exercise. After breakfast I’ll take a walk up Mosquito Creek; then we’ll all catch the ferry back to town to the service at the cathedral; back here for lunch, and after lunch we could play bridge for an hour or two with Muriel and Hal while the children play with their toys.

Maybe  then we could enjoy the peace of the season with friends by the fireside?

Why, no Bee – have you forgotten? Roy and Marjorie are coming to tea and we’re getting into the car and driving all round the north shore to see the lights on the houses.

I see. Then we should  change that sentence to: “May you all enjoy the peace of the season while playing bridge and driving round the north shore?”

Bee, you’re cross with me, aren’t you! And that sentence  sounds silly, doesn’t it – maybe this Christmas letter idea isn’t such a good one after all. I know – let’s go out and buy some Christmas cards.

Good idea, Rufus. Then we can sit by the fire, beavering away at writing them!

 I don’t know what I’d do without you!

N 14  on board S S Chelohsin 1925







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