Kelowna Daily Courier remembers Rufus


I wonder why the Courier didn’t use a picture of Rufus in uniform – you’d think that would be more suitable for the occasion.

I think Dorothy Brotherton’s point is that Rufus, a Great War vet, was a war casualty because of who is suspected of having killed him.

I see – we remember other Canadians killed by the Nazis, so why not Rufus?

That’s right – he was possibly the first Canadian casualty of World War II

Do you think he would agree?

Probably not! In spite of what he’d seen and heard in Germany in the weeks before meeting Hitler, he was still looking for an acceptable explanation for what the Nazis were doing. Goering and Goebbels didn’t yet seem sinister to him.

Rufus was too nice a guy, that was his trouble. I’m going to the ceremony tomorrow and I’m going to remember him especially, along with all the others.


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