Rufus appears in ‘Staff Picks’ window at Mosaic Books, Kelowna; and will be featured in the Westside Weekly on Thursday, November 6.


There he is, right in the middle near the bottom. I bet he’s happy to be there.

He’s keeping company with some bright lights, for sure –  I see Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson and Stephen King. Oh, and Tolkien too – and Mike McCardell,  and J.D. Salinger,  of all people. So, yes, I’m sure he would be pleased – he was never one to under-rate himself! Let’s hope it does the trick and that Mosaic sells some books.

So what kind of coverage will the Westside Weekly be giving him? Have they interviewed you.

Not exactly – I spoke to Dave Trifunov, the editor, but he was only wanting me to send him a few pictures from the book  – here’s one of them.


Rufus in the army during the war?

Yes – that’s him, to the right of grumpy old General Loomis (centre). Rufus was Loomis’s Staff Captain ‘Q’ in 2nd Brigade. However the reporter writing the article has a copy of the book, apparently, and I directed them to this website. I think he may be fitting Rufus into Remembrance Day coverage.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity when you’re trying to sell books – so as long as he makes a bit of a splash it will all be good, I’m sure. There are a whole lot of people in West Kelowna and they all get the Westside Weekly delivered.

So we’ll just have to wait and see – look, Rufus isn’t worried!

Cartoon of Rufus with pram, 1913

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