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Wikipedia entry and a piece in the Calgary Sun bring Lukin Johnston back to the limelight.

What do you mean – that these things “bring Rufus back to the limelight” ?

Well, take a look. More people know about him again, and anybody who wants to know more can now find out easily.

Hey, that’s pretty cool. Did you write the article?

No, I’m afraid not – but I’m delighted that a mystery somebody made the effort to do so.

You really don’t know? The writer seems to be as up to date as can be – it must be somebody you know, surely.

That’s quite likely. But whoever it is has made some annoying small errors that we need to edit out.

Oh yes! Look, he says Rufus died on 18 November – it was the 17th, wasn’t it ? And wasn’t his mum, Nellie, General Harry Lukin’s sister, not his niece?

A 1 Harry Lukin as Brig-Gen. in Cape Mounted Rifles uniform c 1900 B 2 Nellie Lukin, Rufus's mother who died in 1903

She was indeed – and you can see the resemblance in these pictures.  But why did you say the writer was up to date – how can you tell?

By the list of references – it even includes a Calgary Sun article from 21 October, only five days ago.

Hey, let me see that! I never saw that article before! Good for Michael Platt – let’s give readers the link

I’m having another look at that list of references. Do you know something really funny – the Wiki article included references to everything under the sun – but guess what it left out.

You tell me

It left out your book!! It’s mentioned in the text, but only because Dave Obee referred to it in the Times-Colonist. All that work, and you don’t even get a reference! What a hoot!

Cartoon of Rufus with pram, 1913

Look, even Rufus is having a chuckle. As you say – what a hoot! He can’t wait to tell Bee “ALL about it,” as she would have said.

Bee 1969 at 1664

This was Bee in 1969 – 36 years after Rufus died.

Rufus deluged in media attention! He would have been pleased, but hard-pressed to do a better job than Glen Schaefer

What do you mean – “deluged in media attention”?

Well, take a look – first the Province

and then the National Post

It’s been slim pickings around here for a long time, but now we have people phoning, emailing and tweeting – and all about Rufus.
That’s great news, isn’t it?  It means more people will want to buy a copy!
True – and that’s not the end of it. The Kelowna Daily Courier will also be picking up the Province article and we’re hoping to persuade the Vancouver Sun to do a review.
So, how do I find my copy of Rufus?
First, try the local independent bookstore. People in Western Canada should also try their local Chapters/Indigo store. If they don’t have a copy, they can order one.
How do they do that? I thought Raincoast no longer distributes Granville Island books.
Almost all independent bookstores subscribe to Book Manager, a books-in-print database, and Chapters have their own system. Book Manager will tell them to order directly from Granville Island’s website.
And how long will they have to wait?
We’ll just have to see – not too long, I hope.
Cartoon of Rufus with pram, 1913
What’s Rufus looking so pleased about?
Wouldn’t you be feeling pleased if you were he – after 81 years Canadians are talking about him again. And eventually, maybe we’ll find out what really happened to him.
How is that possible after all this time?
Well, the fat man’s minions kept good records – hopefully, about journalists they were keeping an eye on. Nazi archives are still full of secrets, waiting to be discovered…
But nobody, not even Goering, would keep records of assassinations, would they?
Perhaps not; but if we find they were monitoring his dispatches – why else would Goering, at the door of Hitler’s office, threaten him as he did? – then we get a pretty good idea of what was in their evil minds.
Wow, this is the story that keeps on giving!