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The Province will run an article on Lukin Johnston (Rufus), Sunday 5 October

They’ve told you the date – 5 October, for sure?

Yes, they’ve told me the date – Glen Schaefer telephoned two days ago.

Well, that’s good to know. Will it have pictures in it?

I hope it will. When they interviewed me, Chris, the photographer, was popping pictures from every angle – even artsy shots reflected in a mirror. I was most impressed.

So there’ll be a picture of you, maybe?

Maybe, but hopefully they’ll focus on Rufus’s diaries and the man himself. However, it won’t be a review of the book. I think it’ll be the story of a forgotten Cold Case – concentrating on Lukin Johnston’s interview with Hitler and on what happened to him afterwards.

Hitler interview - Vancouver Province Hitler interview p2 - Vancouver Province

Is that the article that Rufus filed after the interview?

It is – clipped from the Province by Bee herself.

But your book will be mentioned in next Sunday’s article, won’t it?

Of course – and I’m sure it will also tell Province readers how to get a copy.

You know, the story would make a good movie – have you thought about that?

It certainly would, and yes, I have thought about it. Who knows, maybe the Province article will inspire someone to write the script. The story’s too good for amateurs – it needs a scriptwriter who knows what they’re doing.

Someone like Rufus himself, perhaps?

Precisely, my dear Watson!

Cartoon of Rufus with pram, 1913

Finally – Rufus to be recognized by The Province

So what does that mean?

It means, chucklehead, that the Sunday Province will soon be running a feature on Lukin Johnston, their long-lost correspondent – the man we all know as Rufus.

Wow, that’s pretty exciting – Province readers will be able to make his acquaintance once more, after an 81 year silence. When, exactly, will this be happening?

Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to hear. I’ll make another post when I have the actual date – all we know for now is early October.

Wonderful, wonderful – I can’t wait – I’ll tell ALL my friends and get them to buy the paper that weekend.

Good man – you do that, and I won’t call you chucklehead ever again!


Cross my heart!

How to buy your copy of Rufus in the UK

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If you live in the UK, you can now buy Rufus by following this link:

Alternatively, contact Gazelle by using the details below.

Gazelle Book Services Ltd



Tel: +44(0)1524 68765

Good hunting – and if you have difficulty, remember that Amazon can probably find a book for you – if not, then Amazon .com or

Cartoon of Rufus with pram, 1913