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Temporary instructions: how to buy a copy of Rufus.

Rufus - original design for book-cover

What do I have to do to buy a copy?

Go to Granville Island Publishing‘s website ( ) and pay for it online. Your book will arrive by mail. Alternatively, you can order it from or – for many people that might be quickest, depending on whether Granville island is keeping up the supply of books to them – never a sure thing, I’m afraid.

What about bookshops – aren’t they carrying Rufus?

Some bookshops are – Mosaic in Kelowna, for example; also Hager and Blackberry in Vancouver, Munro’s , maybe Bolen, in Victoria, Otter  Books in Nelson, Volume One in Duncan. But until Granville Island finds a new distributor, bookshops can only order more copies directly from Granville Island. And that may not happen – we’ll have to see.

So what happened to Raincoast? Weren’t they supposed to be distributing Rufus?

They were indeed – but, for their own reasons, they terminated their arrangement with Granville island on 1 July 2014.

That was pretty tough on Rufus – just as he was getting going.

Rufus survived a lot worse in his short life. You wait and see – things will brighten up! We’ll have him back in bookshops soon –  by hook or by crook!